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Speedy Ways to Decorate a Wardrobe

A few great pieces of quality clothing in a wardrobe can take a man far. He does not have to shop all the time, have a huge amount of clothes, or give up a favorite pair of jeans in the name of fashion or style. Those jeans will look brand new with a different belt, or a well-made polo shirt. Dress up those comfortable khakis with a pair of brown loafers rather than wearing sneakers. Add a sport coat and look great at dinner with a date or a group of friends. Purchase a high-quality printed shirt that can be worn with casual slacks, shorts, denim, or chinos. It only takes some classic styles, and a few tips, to spruce up a wardrobe.

One example is men’s belts. A quality belt, such as brighton leather bracelet, for example, will last a long time, not lose its shape, and will not fray or have the stitching come loose. Spending a little more money on a quality belt is more cost-effective than constantly replacing cheap ones. The difference is noticeable as well. A belt that is of lesser quality will sag or indent where it meets the belt loops, show wear quickly, and not be useful when it comes to attaching a pager or cell phone. A belt can be a versatile accessory, and there are only a few things to keep in mind. A pair of pants with belt loops should always be worn with a belt. Dress pants call for a thinner belt that is simple, and has a plain gold or silver buckle. It should also be made of luxury leather. A wider belt made of suede, woven fabric, or microfibers can be worn with causal and sports pants. The color of the belt needs to match the color of the shoes worn in order to be fashionable.

Ornamental belts are wide, can be embellished with patterns, studs, or cut-out designs, and have a more ornate buckle. This type of belt is often seen on cowboys, motorcyclists, and entertainers. A casual or ornamental belt is best for carrying essentials on it, such as smart phones, knives, gun holsters, flashlights, and keys. Style categories for brighton belts, as well as other manufacturers, include dress/casual, golf/sport, ornamental, and stretch/woven. Men’s sizes range from a thirty inch waist to a fifty-six inch waist, depending on the style. Other accessories that can add some flair to an outfit include hats and socks.

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